About us


- S.S.G. -

 Our name on the door is testament to our dedication and commitment to meeting our customers needs. Combining cutting-edge technology with simplicity, we create the finest turnkey systems in the industry. Please, call us! Come customize your rig and leave confident. 

We also provide sales & support service for a large number of professional audio equipment manufacturers. Let us know what you are looking for! 


Booking an Event?

Need gear, we've got it.  We get it, everyone has gear. With us it is about the experience and the end result. SSG ensures that your event will be stress-free, well organized, and a turnkey operation. So sit back, relax, and know it will be done the right way.


Rehearsal Space!

Schubert Systems is also home to The Power Plant, a private rehearsal facility with an infrastructure that caters to the needs of artists and their production crews. If you want to give the gear a workout before you take it out, the Power Plant is ideal.