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Turnkey Splitter / Snake System

At Schubert Systems we take the snake and splitter system very seriously. It is the heart of a sound system and its performance (or lack thereof) will determine to a large extent whether you are going to have a good or bad day.

As with all of the critical parts of our system - we don’t buy it off the shelf, we build it. And we build it to standards that no manufacturer could possibly match. Every part of the splitter has been carefully chosen as the best possible. Attention to detail and the finest quality components ensure that our custom engineered cabling and splitter box solutions are the best and smartest in the business.

The stage box and splitter input are Switchcraft D3FD-B XLR chassis mounts with gold contacts and detented operation (no latches to break). Additionally, all of our splitter products have designed in protection for the multi-connectors. All of the multi-connectors are AMP/RAM using 16GA gold crimp pins, field replaceable without soldering and having 10X the contact area of those used in off-the-shelf brands. The internal wiring of the splitter system components is all done by hand with oxygen-free copper wire and an
industry unique strain relief system.

To enable the most flexible patching of the stage box lines to the snake, each stage box line is patched directly to each snake line with a 2’ XLR cable. There are no “Normalled” connections, which can add a level of confusion to the stage patch.

The ISO transformers in the splitter are custom wound for Schubert Systems, LeMobile and Rat Sound to our proprietary spec by John Cunningham (emphasis on cunning) of Crimson Audio with individual Faraday shields for each output winding incorporated into our unique design that yields complete ground isolation between the input and both outputs with RF and EM protection and NO ground lift switches. The output #1 of the ISO has no insertion loss under most conditions. Both outputs have low group delay, fast rise-time and no overshoot or ringing. These critical factors are almost always overlooked in manufactured snake systems.

Manufacturers are quick to quote the frequency response and phase characteristics of their signal distribution products, but the real stress test of audio reproduction quality is square-wave response. This simple but very rigorous test reveals far more information than frequency and/or phase response and is a short cut to what sounds best. Crimson Audio uses proprietary manufacturing techniques and materials to achieve this exemplary performance in all of the transformer designs we use. Check out the scope traces and see what we mean, then listen and you will hear the difference.


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