d&b System Reality

Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   J8/J12 Warning: Use of this product is highly addictive. Users frequently experience Auditory Euphoria Syndrome. AES, if left untreated by buzzkill, can lead to happiness.
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   JSUB Cardioid low frequency supplement to be taken only with J8/J12. Heightens AES experience, blocks buzzkill yo!
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   V8/V12 Sounds so good, you may not believe your ears. Once you've accepted that, brace yourself: d&b's PSP technology stands for Plywood Signal Processing. Stop Laughing!
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   VSUB Finally do away with messy bass leaks! Cardioid pattern subwoofer keeps the bass in listeners' guts where it belongs, rather than spewing it all over the stage.
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   Q1 The remarkable Q1 small format line array elements. UniQue. Quite Qute! And loud as FuQ.
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   Q7/Q10 The remarkable Q7 & Q10 small format NOT line array elements. These things roQ!
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   QSUB A subwoofer you can have a lot of fun with. They can be stacked and arrayed like LEGO blocks. You can even point 1/3rd of them backward and they still work great! Maybe better! Bass that's idiot-proof. How cool is that?

With the d&b Steel Pole, it also works like a really loud sandbag to keep your Q, T, or M4 cabinet from falling over. Two make an even louder speaker stand.
Schubert Systems Speakers   d&b   T10 Teeny Tiny T cabinets, like everything d&b, get Terrifically loud.
M2 Monitor Speaker   d&b   M2 Holy Crap! These things will rip your face off.
M4 Monitor Speaker   d&b   M4 Monitor that answers the question: "What's it going to take to make you happy, man?"


  E6/E8 Tiny lipfill or delay speakers. Loudly heard but seldom seen, these kids would be a Victorian parent's worst nightmare.

Conventional Speakers


L-Acoustics VDOSC

  115XT HiQ 15" + 2" coax monitor wedges. 2 in each road case. Phenomenal acoustic output.
Schubert Systems Speakers   JBL   VRX932LA These curvilinear elements are truly amazing whether flown or on a stick.
Schubert Systems Speakers   JBL   VRX928LA A versatile cabinet for lip-fills and speaker-on-stick applications.
Schubert Systems Speakers   JBL   MS28 This low-profile cabinet is perfect for front-fills.
Schubert Systems Speakers   SSG   218

Our own unmatched birch triple-braced enclosure. 32Hz high efficiency design, loaded with 2 McCauley 6174 18" 1600 watt woofers.

Schubert Systems Speakers   SSG   118 Same as above but 40% smaller with 1 McCauley 6174. Excellent for drum subs, sidefill bottoms, or bass reinforcement for VRX cabinets.
Schubert Systems Speakers   SSG   Steradian Back in the day, we didn't just buy speakers. We drew up a design of a wooden trapezoid, (think drafting table, not autocad) put a couple steel cables running inside and some nice JBL components in the front, and hung them on either side of the stage in strings that looked more like giant wind chimes than a modern line array. Believe it or not, it sounded AMAZING, and still does!

Amp Racks

All amp racks include our proprietary hinged rear door with thermal management, and REDLINE interface chassis.
  SSG   3D12 Rack Loaded with three d&b D12 amplifiers. The REDLINE interface provides NL8, NL4, and Socapex options for powering any d&b cabinets.
  SSG   6D12 Rack Take a guess what's in this rack. (Click the picture to the left if you need a hint.)
  SSG   9D6 Rack Nine d&b D6 amplifiers powering 18 channels makes this a single rack solution for a full stage monitor system.
  SSG   Lab.Gruppen
PLM Rack
Three Lab.Gruppen PLM10000Q amps. With 30,000 watts of power, one rack does the same job as approximately one truckload of vintage '80s power amps.

Drive Systems

 Lake Technology  Contour 26 2X6 advanced system controller and EQ.
 Lake Technology  Mesa Quad 4X4 advanced EQ with analog and AES I/O. Wireless PC tablet control lets you EQ the PA from so far away that you can't even hear it. You gotta love that!
 Lake Technology LM 44New version of the Mesa Quad.
 Lake Technology  Dolby Lake Processor The King of the Lakes!
 TC Electronic  EQ Station4 to 64 channels of advanced EQ - multi-emulation 1/3rd octave, parametric, finalizer, dynamic limiter, and more. If you can't completely butcher your mix with all that, you need to try harder.
 TC Electronic  Motofader 64Flying fader remote for the EQ station. The connecting cable keeps it from flying away.
 Klark Teknik  DN370 Stereo 1/3rd octave graphic EQ. If you don't know what this is, you're at the wrong web site. Maybe Guitar Center will be able to help you.
 Focusrite  RED2 Stereo Neve discrete parametric EQ - listen closely, it sounds really, really nice!
  Focusrite   RED3 Stereo discrete Class A "Opto" compressor. Now you can get an A in Audio, even if you're not exactly sure what a class A compressor is.
  dbx   160SL Stereo discrete Class A VCA comp/limiter, the surgeon's scalpel of compression.
  Alan Smart   Smart Research C2Clever two channel stereo compressor. Whatever you do, don't activate the emotion chip.
  Drawmer   1968 1 RU stereo tube comps from the Mercenary 1969. Totally bitchin!
  T.C. Electronic   1280/1380 2X2 and 1X3 precision delay lines with feet and milliseconds display options, 1 MHz sample rate, a truly transparent delay.


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