We carry a wide selection of wired microphones from Shure, AKG, Audix, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Rode, Electro Voice, Beyer, Neumann, Telefunken, as well as Barcus-Berry, C-Ducer & Fishman pick-ups. Rather than putting up yet another giant grid of microphones with silly descriptions, we have created the worlds first, and only, MICROPHONE MANDALA for your viewing pleasure - Namasté!

DI Boxes

  Countryman   Type 85

Type 85 Class A discrete FET direct box connects any high impedance instrument to a balanced mic input.

  Radial   JDI

Premium passive direct box. Quite possibly the best direct box on earth. Outperforms every DI box, active or passive, that we have tested. Handy 'merge' function makes stereo sources mono with no destructive interference.

  Radial   J48 Active stereo direct box powered by a 48 volt phantom. Phantoms sold separately.
  Radial   Pro AV2 Passive stereo direct box designed to be friendly with digital multimedia. Has inputs for 1/4", 1/8" miniplug, and RCA. They call this smooth, multifunctional device the "Swiss Army Knife" of direct boxes but we've had more success opening beer bottles with the Countryman 85 as it has sharper corners.
  Whirlwind   Director & Director Stereo

Passive direct box. Converts an unbalanced line, instrument or speaker level signal to low impedance balanced mic level. Now available in stereo.

  SSG   Stereo Iso High level, lossless, two channel signal isolator. Does one thing, does it well, doesn't stop doing it. It's a Zen design philosophy that you can't fully appreciate until the first time your combination Printer/Scanner/Fax machine won't scan because it's out of ink.
  Barcus Berry   4000 Planar Wave System piano pickup. Use in combination with a conventional microphone for a full piano sound.


  AR-133 Three position gain switch to keep FOH engineers on their toes. If you can deal with that, you'll love it.

UHF Wireless Microphones and Accessories

  Shure   UR4D Receiver Reliable wireless receiver that's never gonna let you down, give you up, make you cry, or desert you.
  Shure   KSM9 Handheld Transmitter Advanced condenser vocal mic. Switchable pattern and two-stage shock mount suspension.
  Shure   Wireless
SM 58/Beta 58
Handheld transmitter for Shure vocal or instrument microphones.


  Shure   UR 1 The latest incarnation of Shure UHF Wireless Mics. The body pack is also available in a mini version in case you really like changing batteries.
  Shure   UA845SWB Chainable antenna combiners receive 4 wireless microphone signals each. Eliminate RF interference and reduce your spectral footprint.
  Shure   HA-8089 Professional Wireless sideband helical antenna.
  Shure   UA870/874 Active UHF wireless directional paddle antenna.
  Shure   Lav WL50 Subminiature, omnidirectional, electret condenser microphone. Magnet mount, windscreen, lapel and tie clip.


  Shure   Lav 184 Supercardioid Lavaliere electret condenser microphone with tie clip.


  Shure   WH20 Cardioid pattern headset microphone that manages to sound almost as good as a high quality dynamic handheld mic. Not bad for a face-hugger!
  Mogan   Earset We're glad Mogan decided to make their products just ever so slightly visible. The completely invisible microphone was so prone to getting lost, you can't even find one anymore.

In Ear Monitors and Accessories

  Shure   PSM 1000 State-of-the-art radio.
  Shure   PA821A Active antenna combiner for Shure PSM in-ear monitors.
  Shure   PA805SWB Directional wideband paddle antenna.
  Shure   HA-8089 Professional Wireless sideband helical antenna.
  Shure   P6HW (hardwired)

Rugged and reliable, they deliver superb sound for headphones and in-ear monitoring.

  Sennheiser   EW 300 IEM G3

Features autoscan for simple and secure frequency selection from the transmitter's available frequencies.

  Sennheiser   AC 3 Four-way antenna combiner with power. For the Sennheiser IEM G3 system.
  Sennheiser   EW 300 IEM G2 The former top-of-the-line wireless in ear monitors. Just because the G3 is out now doesn't mean the G2 is any less great.
  Sennheiser   AC 2 Four-way antenna combiner with power. For the Sennheiser IEM G2 system.
  Sennheiser   AC 3000

Active antenna combiner serves up 8 channels of wireless minataurs with a single device.

  Sennheiser   A 5000-CP

Circularly polarized passive UHF antenna. No more fussing with the rabbit ears.

  Sennheiser   A 2003-UHF Directional wideband paddle antenna.