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  Eventide   H3000-D/SX Ultra-Harmonizer with full program library. With this thing, you can make people sound like squirrels or devils (maybe even both? It's got 2 outputs). Trust us, it's way easier than miking up actual squirrels and devils.
  Lexicon   960L The industry flagship - 4 independent effects, 5.1 programs, LARC2 remote w/spatial joystick. Remember when this thing cost more than a new car?
  Lexicon   480L The best sounding Lexicon reverb ever built - 2 independent effects, LARC remote - buckram, inside-out, all your favorite sounds.
  Lexicon   PCM81 Industry standard multi-effect unit. It's the PCM80 that nobody liked, with XLR. Didn't help.
  Lexicon   PCM91 Two fully functional digital reverbs somehow crammed into just one rack space! What do you mean you're not impressed? That's half a 480L!
  Lexicon   PCM70 Meticulously preserved with version 2.0 software, these boxes contain rare sounds from 1987! Protip: Planning to upgrade the software on your PCM70 to v3.x? Don't! Save time and use a sledgehammer for the same result.
  T.C. Electronic   2290 Advanced digital delay plus sampling - 4 seconds of delay, tap, dynamics, panning, MIDI send and receive.
  T.C. Electronic   D2 The 21st century 2290 in one rack space, it does everything a delay can do + more.
  T.C. Electronic   Reverb 4000 The most powerful TC reverb ever, amazing emulations of AMS, EMT and Lexicon top-shelf sounds.
  T.C. Electronic   System 6000 Total sound processor with a complete assortment of algorithms and a legendary control platform. Now comes in two flavors, original and MKII.
  T.C. Electronic   M2000 Dual effect, single I/O platform with great reverbs, fat slaps and pitch change.
  Yamaha   SPX990 Industry standard reverb, I'm sure you know it inside and out - LOL!
  Yamaha   REV5 Classic 2 space reverb with full keypad and analog EQ and easily accessed special parameters.
  Yamaha   PROR3 Updated version of REV5 with 20 bit converters, everything else is the same.
  dbx   120A Wave Modeling Sub-harmonic Synthesizer.
 Tascam   TA1-VP Vocals processor using the famous Antares auto-tune technology. We won't judge you if you're an over-user. The other sort of user will be happy to know we clean these very well between rentals. We cater to a diverse crowd here.
 Crane Song  HEDD The most fuzz-encrusted myconaut alive in 1970 would never have guessed that in the future, our audio gear would be 'too perfect sounding' and that somebody would need to invent a device to faithfully recreate that lovable artifact of quaint analog sound gear known as harmonic distortion. This invention, containing far more processing power in one rack space than all the supercomputers at that time, would be called the HEDD.


  Alan Smart   Smart Research C2Clever two channel stereo compressor. Has a bypass switch in case it gains sentience, starts telling you how to mix, and demands per diem pay.
  Amek System 9098   Compressor The System 9098 Compressor is the legacy of the famous old 2254 Neve devices of the late 60s.
  Aphex   661 Tube "expressor" full featured compressor with spectral recovery.
  Avalon   VT 737 sp Tube channel strip. Class A preamp, opto-compressor with twin Class A vacuum tube triodes. Sweepable EQ.
  Avalon   VT 747 spClass A stereo opto-compressor with 6 band discrete passive EQ. The 32KHz EQ band, when boosted, fills a dual purpose of attracting bats and repelling dogs.
  BSS   404 Four channel compressor/de-esser with fast/slow switch for attack and release.
  BSS   901-II Frequency dependent dynamic compressor.
  dbx   160SL Stereo discrete Class A VCA comp/limiter, the surgeon's scalpel of compression.
  dbx   160A True RMS overeasy compressor, the industry standard.
  dbx   166XL Stereo true RMS compression w/simple gate and sidechain contour.
  Drawmer   1960 Stereo tube compressor and mic pre-amps + instrument input
  Drawmer   1968 1 RU stereo tube comps from the Mercenary 1969. Totally bitchin!
  Drawmer   1969 Mercenary edition of 1960, amazing piece, go Fletcher!
  Empirical Labs   Distressor Advanced vintage comp simulator - tranny, spank; the porn of top-end compression!
  Focusrite   ISA430 MKII Producer pack. The ultimate channel strip. This thing kills.
  Focusrite   RED3 Stereo discrete Class A "Opto" compressor.
  Focusrite   RED7 Neve mic preamp and compressor/de-esser/exciter - totally solid sound.
  Midas   XL42 Two channel mic pre-amp. If you wish your digital console had the analog input section of an analog Midas board, your wish has just been granted.
  Midas   XL48 Add the "Midas Touch" to 8 channels of your mix with this mic pre amp. For those few of you who actually read the myth, fear not! The Midas touch, when used in the context of sales pander, is a good thing.
  Summit   TLA100A Vintage reproduction tube leveling amp - 2 knobs, amazing sound!
  Summit   DCL200 Stereo tube compressor with attack, release and slope controls.
  Summit   TL50A Stereo tube leveling amp - almost like two TLA100As in one rack space, rock on!
  Drawmer   DS201 Stereo gate with sidechain filters, the industry standard.


 TC Electronic  EQ Station 4 to 64 channels of advanced EQ - multi-emulation 1/3rd octave, parametric, finalizer, dynamic limiter and more. If you can't completely butcher your mix with all that, you need to try harder.
 TC Electronic  Motofader 64Flying fader remote for the EQ Station. Zero learning curve, intuitive interface. Look at it for a few seconds and you'll be an expert.
 TC Primates EQ MonkeyMixing assistant for the deaf. Trained to use the TC EQ station with Motofader 64. Often gets better sounding mixes than recent ITT audio graduates, and never complains...unless he's hungry. Don't forget the bananas, or else you're gonna be the one cleaning the monkey shit out of the faders!
 Lake Technology  Mesa Quad 4X4 advanced EQ with analog and AES I/O. Wireless PC tablet control lets you EQ the PA from so far away, you can't even hear it. You gotta love that!
 Lake Technology LM 44Advanced version of the Mesa Quad EQ with analog and AES I/O and tablet control. We're not sure what they put in the Mesa Quad to make this but at least they didn't take anything out.
 Lake Technology  Dolby Lake Processor 8X8 EQ. The King of the Lakes!
 Drawmer  1961 Stereo 5 band tube parametric EQ with control of subtle overload characteristics. This thing is so sweet.
 Focusrite  RED2 Stereo Neve discrete parametric EQ - listen closely, it sounds really, really nice!
 Klark Teknik  DN370 Stereo 1/3rd octave graphic with high and low filters and notch filters. Best of all, the Klark Teknik alchemy of sound and function.
 Schubert Systems  EQ6 Our own design, 6-BAND "feed forward" parametric EQ with advanced level control.
 Summit  EQF-100 Tube "passive" parametric EQ and filter block, pultec style circuitry updated to modern power supply and input/output standards.


  Tascam   CDRW-901SL CD recorder.
  Denon  DN-C550R Pro dual drive CD recorder with CD playback drive and a CD-R/RW play and record drive.
  Panasonic  SV3800 Professional DAT recorder with multiple inputs and sample rates. Yeah we still have these.
  360 Systems  InstantReplay2 DR 600Manages 1000 samples with 50 hot-keys, store 100 hours of audio, edit samples, and hooks up to a digital audio network.
  Klark Teknik   DN9696 AES-50 digital recording device. You can still have a DAT recorder as a backup until you conquer your technophobia.
  Avid   Protools HD Stealthy Protools HD system for Avid consoles.

Outboard Racks

  SSG   Processing Racks

All our outboard gear is available in shock-mounted racks with multi-connector patching for any brand of console. Call us and customize your own rack, or pick one of our preloaded "rider friendly" racks.

  SSG   Preloaded Racks

EQ, effects, and dynamics gear, preloaded and ready to roll. Choose from analog or digital flavors of EQ.


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