Digico   SD 7 Live digital console with Stealth Technology.
  Digico   SD 10 Live Digital Console with Stealth Technology. Water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet).
  Digico   SD 9 Really big, live Digital Console with Stealth Technology. You won't even notice it's there.
  Digico   SDRack An I/O Device for Digico consoles. Contains a MadiPod in case you need one.
  Digico   DiGiRack A different I/O Device for Digico consoles.
  Digico   D-Rack Yet another I/O Device for Digico consoles.
  Avid   D-Show Venue Delivers analog legacy sound in a digital format. Formerly hailed as the most creative mixing platform in the world. You will love our elegant and powerful configuration.
  Avid   D-Show Profile The same amazing desk as above with the new smaller footprint control surface. Also reads and writes Venue compatible files.
  Avid   Protools HD Stealthy Protools HD system for Avid consoles.
  Avid   SC48 Compact control surface for Avid D-Show systems. Encourages FOH engineers to mix well since they won't be able to impress anyone with the size of their mixing platform.
  Midas   Pro 1The entry level contender in the new line of Midas digital console, with 24 preamp analog in and 3 ports for AES-50 digital snakes.
  Midas   Pro 2Fully configurable digital console. 8 analog inputs with preamps and 6 ports for AES-50 Digital Snakes
  Midas   Pro 6
Pro 9
Top-of-the-line Midas digital mixing platforms. Check out the Midas I/O options listed below.
  Midas   DL351Modular I/O device for Midas Pro digital consoles. Houses 8 I/O cards for up to 64 inputs or outputs in a wide variety of analog or digial formats.
  Midas   DL43124 input splitter. Each input feeds 3 separate preamps, 1 fixed gain and 2 variable gain. Features dual redundant power supplies and remote control by Midas consoles, for peace of mind and ease of use, respectively.
  Midas   DL251This 5RU size I/O device with 48 inputs and 16 outputs is the easiest most cost-effective way to interface with Midas consoles. Has a 48k/96k switch.
  Midas   DL451Mini version of the DL351 houses only 3 cards at once, for up to 24 inputs or outputs. Why is the 451 smaller than the 351? That's a question for Midas not us.
  Klark Teknik   DN 9650The MADI Bridge lets Midas digital boards work with any digital audio system, using MADI, AES-50, or several other formats. Nervous? Don't twitch bro! The super low jitter syncing clock keeps everything going smoothly in sample rates up to 96khz.
  Klark Teknik   DN 9696AES-50 Digital recording device.
  Klark Teknik   DN 9331RAPIDE motofader system is the quick and dirty way to EQ on Midas consoles. Don't listen when the analog zealots say you're cheating.
  Midas   XL4 A man's console. A very stubborn man.
  Midas   Heritage 3000 52X24console (44 mono + 4 stereo inputs, 24 stereo/mono configurable mixes) - the former industry workhorse. Additional stereo channels available.
  Yamaha   PM5D-RH The digital console you used to need! We still carry this in honor of our friends who are stuck in 2007.
  Yamaha   PM4000M Believe it or not, we still keep one of these around on the off chance somebody actually wants to rent one.
  Gamble/SSG   EX56-II 56 mono inputs, 10 aux + 16 groups. We don't officially have this console. But we know the GPS coordinates of a promising tarpit and we are willing to excavate the past for the right customer. You know who you are. Call us.
  APB Dynasonics   H1020 Rackmounted, 12-input analog board. Low size, yet high quality, because small gigs need love too!
  Midas   XL88 4RU rackmounted 8x8 matrix mixer. A handy utility board for those odd situations calling for 8 extra independent output mixes.
  SI   Console Tipper Allows a board to be tilted with a minimum of manpower.


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